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19 June 2014 @ 01:54 pm
After a long while not opening LJ, I was pretty miffed to see that I can only see up until 35 posts back. WTH?

The semester just ended, and it's safe to say it was a semester from hell. All because I took Animation 2 as an elective. We had to make an Intellectual Property (IP) in groups of 6, and produce a 2-minute animation clip, an artbook detailing the development of the IP, and some merchandise.

Here's the poster:


Aside from being the director, I dealt with the backgrounds used in the video, the artbook, and merchandise. I've had enough of painting palm trees haha.

I'll be flying to Jakarta on the 21st for my two-month internship starting the next Monday at re:ON Comics. Though that means I won't be able to vote during the presidential election ):

How are you guys? (:
02 January 2014 @ 06:57 pm
May 2014 be kind to us. Though my ever-pessimistic brain doesn't think so.

Typing this in a McDonald's in Jakarta. My cousin's house doesn't have internet access currently. I can't seem to access my inbox -w-

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15 September 2012 @ 08:53 pm
The first four Flash anime shorts inspired by Kaoru Curry-zawa's Kremlin cat gag comedy began streaming to the public on YouTube on Friday.

The gag comedy centers around a purported college student named Haruo "Cat" Kyattsuyama who only went to his school, the low-tier Kunekune College, once. One day, he sees a cute Russian Blue cat named Kan-u abandoned in a cardboard box on the roadside somewhere in Japan. Kyattsuyama pretends not to see the cat, and continues to do so for an entire year. Surprisingly, no one has shown up to try to save the cat, so Kyattsuyama finally decides to pick the cat up — however, by then, there are now three Russian Blue cats instead of just one. Kyattsuyama asked the cats for their names, and they all said "Kan-u."

I'm glad I know enough Japanese to understand most of it XD
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26 July 2012 @ 02:19 pm
So imagine my surprise when Konishi Katsuyuki (America's seiyuu) and Sugiyama Noriaki (England's) are apparently the ones behind the two idiot, mischievous senpai in Moyashimon.

The world is small, indeed :o

(Taken from here.)

And Jintai's ED song is really nice to listen to; it reminds me of the playful, mysterious tone of Zettai Shounen, which is pretty apt since it also deals with fairy-like beings (yes, Masumi Itou performs both ED songs of the shows!)
06 July 2012 @ 10:41 am
Currently re-reading One Piece for the n-th time (my copies are dog-eared and tattered already).

Why is it so friggin' awesome? ;o; I can't stop crying (for real)!